Transforming the power of data into intelligent business decisions. We specialize in the application of analytical models and data science to answer your most critical questions.

Our unique ALI methodology (Analyze, Unlock, Innovate), guides you through the process of discovering hidden patterns in your data, unlocking the potential of these insights, and using them to drive innovation in your business. Whether you're looking to improve operational efficiency, identify new market opportunities, or make strategic, data-driven decisions, Aliware is here to help you navigate the path to success.

Because at Aliware, we don't just answer questions, we empower your data.



Transform the way your company navigates towards success with the ALI methodology. Designed to analyze, innovate and liberate, this methodology guides your team through a clear and effective path to align your daily operations with your broader strategic objectives. Bring your strategies to life, turn your challenges into innovation opportunities, and unleash the true potential of your team to execute solutions with impact. Align your strategy with the ALI methodology and discover the power of a unified vision for optimized performance.

Awaken your creative genius with ALI Methodology. This powerful methodology not only drives a deep understanding of your business through analysis, but also stimulates a spirit of innovation to redesign solutions and unlock new opportunities. ALI Methodology acts as a spark to ignite the innovative mind, fostering a culture of curiosity, experimentation, and adaptability. By challenging established norms and exploring new possibilities, the ALI methodology transforms your organization into an innovative thinking powerhouse, ready to meet tomorrow's challenges.

The ALI Methodology not only works on a strategic level, but also delves into the tactical essence of your business. This methodology provides practical tools to analyze, innovate and unleash the true potential of your daily operations. It allows for a bottom-up approach, where every detail is reviewed and optimized for maximum efficiency and effectiveness. With ALI Methodology, you can not only design a future vision, but also bring it to life at every operational step. In this way, ALI Methodology equips you to transform your strategy into concrete tactical actions, taking your business to new heights of success.

Your ally in information analysis

At Aliware, we recognize the incalculable value of data and understand the need for robust and reliable tools to manage and analyze that information.


Because we firmly believe that organizations that rely on their own data to make decisions grow exponentially.

To fulfill this purpose, we connect the information from your physical world with your digital world, providing you with solutions that help you grow every day.